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Sell Anywhere

Sell Anywhere

Selling your music through your site couldn't be easier! Our integrated music store is streamlined to make setting up albums and uploading audio files a breeze. The best part is you get to keep more of your hard earned cash.

By selling directly through you site using PayPal, you will earn $0.66 for each individual $0.99 download. This is roughly equivalent any other major music selling site (some even take more from you!). The advantage is when a fan buys two or more songs in the same purchase. You will earn $1.62 for the sale of two songs. On the other music selling sites you would earn $1.39. Now imagine selling an entire album of 10 songs. On your own site, you would earn $9.31. On the other music selling sites, you would earn $6.93. You can now see the advantage of your own music shopping cart system.

If you already have accounts with other music sites like iTunes, you can still link to them and sell your songs through them.

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